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Job searching tips

Job searching can be challenging but there is no need to despair. We are here to help. A well-written CV and determination are essential ingredients if you want to find a job while a video CV and a professional cover letter will increase your chance of being hired. Proper preparation helps you to make a good first impression during the interview.

Identify your skill set

Knowing your strengths will help you find employment because you’ll feel more confident applying for positions when you have a comprehensive understanding of your skills. Don’t waste your time applying for jobs that you aren’t qualified for. Instead, look for positions that match your skill set. Once you’ve identified your skill set, you can make sure that you highlight your capabilities in your CV as well as during your interview.

Prepare your CV, keep it updated, and customise it

Job searching is futile if you don’t have a professional CV to send to prospective employers. Don’t let a badly written CV prevent you from getting your dream job. Take the time to prepare a CV with a summary of your personal information and contact details as well as your educational qualifications. Including your employment history is an opportunity to showcase your experience and skills. Make sure that your CV is customised according to the positions that you’re applying for. It’s also important to keep your CV up to date.

Write a professional and captivating cover letter

If you want to find a job, you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. A captivating cover letter can help to set you apart from your competition. This letter is a chance for you to share more information about yourself with your prospective employers. You can use the letter to highlight your strengths.

Pay attention to detail

The ability to pay attention to detail is an important trait that many employers are looking for in their staff. Make sure that your application and documents are free of spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Don’t forget to check that you’ve spelt the company’s name correctly.

Read job ads carefully

Applying for jobs that you have no chance of being hired for is a waste of your and the recruiter’s time. Make sure that you meet the employer’s requirements before you send in your CV. Reading the ad carefully also helps to ensure that you follow the employer’s instructions when you submit your application. The ability to follow instructions is a trait prospective employers are on the lookout for.

Research the job and company before you go for an interview

Researching the company before you go for a job interview gives you insight into the company culture as well as their values. Gaining a better understanding of the company also helps you to answer questions about why you want to work there. While your qualifications and skills are important, prospective employers are also looking for professionals who will fit in and work well with the existing team.

Make a good first impression when going for interviews

An invitation to interview for a position is a great start. Maximise on this opportunity by making a favourable first impression on your prospective employer. Dress professionally and show up to the interview on time. Even if you don’t get hired, you want your interviewers to keep you in mind for future vacancies.

Be Honest

While your CV should showcase your capabilities, it’s important that it’s an honest reflection of your skills. Companies are looking for trustworthy and reliable employees to hire so lying on your CV will harm your chances of finding employment. Likewise, lying at a job interview is a bad career move.

Don’t give up

Persistence is key when you’re looking for employment. Although you may feel demoralised while looking for work, you never know what opportunities are waiting for you. Set aside time every day to search for vacancies. You need to be dedicated to finding job ads and sending in applications every day.

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